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Need More Than 8 Wells?

Immunofluorescence Has Never Been This Easy

The New µ-Slide 18 Well Family

· Ideal for experiments with small cell numbers and low reagent volumes

· Spaces between individual well walls minimize any well-to-well crosstalk

· Optimized for high-end microscopy

What’s Your Experiment?

Cell culture with excellent cell adhesion on a tissue culture-treated surface, immunofluorescence, or high-resolution microscopy

Free Sample: µ-Slide 18 Well

µ-Slide 18 Well

TIRF microscopy, super-resolution microscopy, or single molecule applications

Free Sample: µ-Slide 18 Well Glass Bottom

µ-Slide 18 Well Glass Bottom

Mounting of a variety of customizable bottom materials on a self-adhesive underside

Free Sample: sticky-Slide 18 Well

sticky-Slide 18 Well

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