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Ambient Particulate Monitors / Samplers
PTC supplies the complete range of ambient particulate monitors and samplers from
Thermo Scientific for your PM10 and PM2.5 sampling of airborne particulate monitoring use.
    ChemComb Cartridge, Model 3500
  • The ChemComb Speciation Sampling Cartridge is a flexible, field-proven module for the sampling of atmospheric gases and particles. It can be configured for single- or multi-stage sampling of PM-2.5 or PM-10.
    Model 5030 SHARP Monitor
  • Synchronized Hybrid Ambient Real-time Particulate Monitor that combines light scattering photometry and beta radiation attenuation in one instrument
    Partisol FRM Model 2000
  • The Partisol-FRM Sampler is a robust single-filter sampler for the collection of airborne particulate matter.
    Partisol-Plus Model 2025
  • The Partisol-Plus Model 2025 Sequential Air Sampler is a flexible manual sampling platform for suspended particulate matter.
    Streamline FTS
  • The Streamline FTS Flow Transfer Standard is a patented device for the accurate measurement of flow rates under challenging environmental conditions.

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