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Company Overview

Global technology; Local services. Your value-added partner in technology and excellence.

PTC International Limited (PTC) is a privately owned and diverse company with offices in Hong Kong and China. The company is dedicated to being a value-added supply channel partner for leading manufacturers of technologically advanced and innovative products in the field of:

Horizontal product diversification, and yet, a well-defined focus has enabled PTC to apply economies of scope to our actions. This allows the company to share valuable resources among our business units, and therefore, achieves advantages in realizing the benefits of synergistic sales in a cost-efficient manner. Together with our value propositions of in-depth local and regional knowledge, extensive network of client base, timely identification of global technology and its application, and high level of technical competency amongst our engineers and scientists, have enabled PTC to build its long and successful history in meeting the challenges of expanding business opportunities in Hong Kong, Macau and China.

PTC is technological and market driven in focusing to meet your scientific and business objectives.