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Environment (Air Quality, Meteorology & Radiation)

Air Quality

Air Quality & Industrial Hygiene Instruments
Gas Chromatographs for ambient air and industrial hygiene measurement of hydrocarbons in low concentrations.
Computerized, Gas Mixing, Dilution and Calibration Systems
MiniVol Portable Air Sampler
Aethalometers for measurement of black carbon particles
Source Sampling Equipment
Mass Flow Meters and Controllers
 Primary Gas Flow Calibration
Portable Aethalometer microAeth Model AE51 from Aethlabs to measure Black Carbon in real-time mode

Portable Emissions Analyzers

Aviation & Meteorology

Ultrasonic wind speed and direction sensors (Anemometers)
Measurement of Radiometry, Hygrometry and Temperature, Environmental Imaging, Precipitation
Wind Hazard Detection and Alerting System – WindTracer
Doppler Weather Radars Systems
Microwave Profilers
Nowcasting and Forecasting Systems
Radar Wind Profilers & Avian Radar Systems

Radiation Sources & Measurements

Radioactive Sources
Radon & Thoron Measurement
Radioparticulate and Radioiodine Sampling Equipment and Accessories