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Coaxial and RF products
PTC works with Exir Broadcasting & Telecom to supply innovative, dependable and long-lasting products the local coaxial and RF industry in both the telecom and broadcasting sectors. They include products for 3G telecom networks, DAB (digital audio broadcasting) and DVB (digital video broadcasting).

Broadcasting Products

Exir Broadcasting has established a reputation as a world leader in the digitalisation of Radio and TV networks. Their systems for digital broadcasting, already in use in several countries, are designed for easy and effective integration into existing systems, providing a cost effect method of enabling analogue and digital transmissions to be broadcasted from the same antenna.

To find out more about Exir Broadcasting products, please link to Exirbt .

Telecom Products

Exir Telecom work together with major international operators, system suppliers and cable manufacturers who have used our products ever since the Telecom boom. These companies trust the performance on our products deliver and we are dedicated to maintaining their confidence by continue to design and manufacture high quality products.

To find out more about Exir Telecom products, please link to Exirbt .

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