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Radio & TV Transmitters
PTC works with Harris Broadcast since the early 70’s to supply both Radio (AM and FM) & Television Transmitters to the Hong Kong broadcasting industry. Over the years, Harris has invented many of the industry’s key technologies, including many world standards. Harris’ transmitters are of innovative design, high quality construction, easy to operate and maintain and future ready. All of which adds up to long term value and because of that, they are widely used by the local radio and TV stations over the years.

AM Transmitters

Harris invented every modulation technology used in modern medium wave transmitters. For example, Digital Amplitude Modulation (used in DX Series Transmitters) extends the benefits of solid state to 2,000-kilowatt transmitters. DX transmitters reduce power costs, provide FM-comparable performance and redefine reliability. Click on any of the links below for product-specific information.

FM Transmitters

Harris developed technologies to make the uncompressed digital audio air chain a reality. The DIGIT CD Digital FM Exciter is a world standard with over 5000 units delivered; no other exciter even comes close. DIGIT CD is the first exciter with an AES3 input. Harris' Intraplax STL Plus, an STL that transports uncompressed digital audio over public networks and wireless microwave radios is another first. With the Platinum Z line, Harris leads the way in mid-power solid state FM transmitters that are available for the price of vacuum tube models. And finally at lower power levels you do not have to decide between quality and affordability as the new Harris ZX line of modular solid-state transmitters bridges the gap to provide Harris quality you expect at a refreshing price.

Television Transmitters

Harris has set the pace for television's transition from analog to digital technology. Indeed, the RF Test Bed that Harris developed for the Advanced Television Test Center in 1990 enable all digital television systems proposed for the United States to be equitably evaluated. Harris is also a leader in technology for the European-standard Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB-T) market. Please feel free to browse the categories below for more information...


Harris is your source for proven transmission technology and the support you need. Our transmission solutions represent the best values in their respective classes - high-, medium-, and low power; liquid cooled and air cooled...

Digital (ATSC)

ATSC Digital TV Standards include digital high definition television (HDTV), standard definition television (SDTV), data broadcasting, multichannel surround-sound audio, and interactive television...

Digital (DMB-T-China)

Atlas™ Solid State Liquid Cooled multi-standard transmitters -- DVB-T, DVB-H, DMB-T/H -- combine many of the unique features and field-proven benefits that have made Harris the broadcasting standard in Digital Television.


Atlas™ DTV660 digital transmitters share many of the unique features and field-proven benefits that have made Harris DVB-T and analog broadcasting standard. The modulation properties of COFDM enable DVB-T & DVB-H operators to build Single Frequency Networks (SFN).

Television Exciters

Harris digital exciters offer broadcasters cutting-edge DTV technology and field-proven reliability. Both the Apex and Apex M2X digital exciters are easy to use and engineered with Real-time Adaptive Correction (RTAC) technology for FCC mask compliance.

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