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PTC works with Magee Scientific and AethLabs to supply the Aethalometer®, which is an instrument that uses optical analysis to determine the mass concentration of “Black Carbon” particles collected from an air stream passing through a filter.

These particles are directly emitted to the air during all combustion, but are primarily associated with coal or diesel smoke. They adversely affect public health; contribute to local and global climate change; and reduce visibility. Aethalometers are used by air-quality monitoring programs; public-health protection agencies; research laboratories; and community groups.

Aethalometer data contribute to an understanding of the composition and sources of air-pollution particles; the effects of poor air quality on public health; and the effects on local weather and global climate change.

The Aethalometer technology is available on different chassis and platforms: Rack Mount, Portable, Modular, High Range, and Optical Transmissometer. The aethalometer is also offered in two configurations of optical analysis: “dual wavelength” (infra-red 880 nm for Black Carbon; ultraviolet 370 nm for aromatic organic compounds) and “seven wavelength Spectrum” (7 sources from 370 nm to 950 nm).


The Magee Scientific Aethalometer® is the instrument most-used in the world for the real-time measurement of aerosol Black Carbon. The Model AE33 is the culmination of almost 40 years of experience and development. It provides accurate data with aerosol speciation on time-scales as rapid as 1 second, using our patented DualSpot™ technology and multi-wavelength optical analysis.


The Model AE43 is the brand new Portable Black Carbon (BC) monitor. This product incorporates all of the well-proven and rugged design principles of Magee Scientific aerosol monitoring instruments. Applications, such as vertical profiling, emission testing, health effects research, mobile mapping, and field measurements at “off-grid” locations are all made easier by the features of the AE43.


The Magee Scientific Total Carbon Analyzer, Model TCA08, is a revolutionary new instrument that measures the Total Carbon (TC) content of suspended aerosol particles in real-time for laboratory research, field work, and routine air-quality monitoring applications.


The DRI Model 2015 Multi-Wavelength Thermal/Optical Carbon Analyzer is the most advanced instrument in the world for the thermal analysis of the carbonaceous content of aerosol samples collected on filters.


The Magee Scientific Carbonaceous Aerosol Speciation System, model CASS, is a combined unit of a Total Carbon Analyzer, model TCA08 and an Aethalometer, model AE33 providing a revolutionary scientific instrument that measures the Total Carbon Content(“TC”), the Elemental Carbon content(EC), the Organic Carbon content(OC) and the Black Carbon content (BC) of suspended aerosol particles in near-Real Time.

AethLabs microAeth® Model AE51 Aethalometer®

AethLabs microAeth® Model AE51 is the world's first ever real-time, pocket-sized Black Carbon aerosol monitor. This palm-size instrument is small enough to be worn by a person in order to measure the real-time concentration of black carbon which a person may be exposed to. The microAeth incorporates the same Aethalometer® measurement technology which has been used worldwide for over 25 years, all in a package that can fit in your pocket.

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