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Ambient Gas Analyzers
PTC offers the industry's widest choice of ambient gas analyzers from Thermo Scientific for your ambient air monitoring needs.

The new iSeries Analyzers are developed on the platform of reliability, simplicity and ease of use. As compare to others, they are:

Easier to interface

Expanded I/O functionality and new connectivity capabilities make it easy to integrate iSeries instruments into just about any plant operation and data flow. They support MODBUS and TCP/IP protocols and the iPort custom remote communications software package. The new line of instruments is also backward-compatible with our earlier generation analyzers, and fits right into your current product lineup.

Easier to maintain

The iSeries has been re-engineered with on-site serviceability in mind. All components are readily accessible for quick maintenance or change-out — just remove the top, slide apart the interior sections, flip down the panel, and you have complete access.

From one gas to another, the analyzers share a similar design and many common components — so they’re not only easier to service, it’s easier to train your service people. You’ll save on spare parts inventory, too.

Easier to use

The redesigned iSeries interface is easier to use than ever. With fast, intuitive navigation and simple, menu-driven programming, the software is easy to learn — even for inexperienced operators. And — because all Thermo iSeries analyzers share a common look and feel — once you’ve learned one instrument, you’ve learned them all.

Some of the key features of the current iSeries Analyzers include:

  • Ethernet connectivity for efficient remote access
  • Enhanced user interface with one button programming and large display screen
  • Flash memory for increased data storage and user download software
  • Enhanced electronics design optimizes product commonality
  • Improved layout for easier accessibility to components

    NO-NO2-NOX Analyzer, Model 42i
  • Chemiluminescent gas analyzer with enhanced communication capabilities for ambient air and source emissions monitoring.
    Ozone Analyzer, Model 49i
  • Using UV Photometric technology, the Model 49i measures the amount of ozone in the air from ppb levels up to 200ppm
    SO2 Gas Analyzer, Model 43i
  • Pulsed fluorescence gas analyzer with enhanced communication capabilities for ambient air and source emissions monitoring

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