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Atmospheric Profiling Radiometers
PTC supplies rugged and proven microware radiometers for atmospheric remote sensing from Radiometrics Corporation, which is the pioneer and world leader in commercial ground-based microwave radiometry.

The product family includes 2, 5, and 12-channel profiling radiometers which provide automatic continuous monitoring of atmospheric temperature, water vapor and liquid water to an altitude of 5km (and higher), every 20 seconds, 24 hours per day, and in nearly all weather conditions. Of proven operational reliability in all climates, Radiometrics’ instruments are rapidly being adopted by Meteorological Services worldwide as a key contributor to improved short range local forecasting and nowcasting.

Radiometrics radiometers deliver reliable, accurate, all-weather, all-sky observations. Microwave Profiler and radiosonde temperature and humidity profiles observed at the same time and location are proven to be equivalent in accuracy when used for numerical weather prediction. However, continuous radiometer profiles are up to 10 times more accurate when compared to radiosonde profiles with 12 hour latency. This lower tropospheric temperature, humidity and liquid video provide essential data for state-of-the-art Nowcasting and short term weather prediction. Radiometrics microwave radiometers are instruments of choice that ensure accurate, cost-effective temperature, humidity and cloud liquid profiling at any location in all weather conditions.

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