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Radar Wind Profilers
PTC works with DeTect, Inc. to supply remote sensing technologies and systems for aviation safety, meteorology, security surveillance and environmental monitoring for projects worldwide.

DeTect's RAPTOR™ Radar Wind Profiler (RWP) product line is a field-proven implementation of the latest technical advances, resulting in RWP systems optimized for unattended operation and provision of continuous profiles of vertical and horizontal winds for weather forecasting, aviation, space and military applications.

The RAPTOR™ RWP utilizes a unique electronically steerable Yagi antenna array which, along with the transmitter, is easily scalable so that systems can be customized to meet each customer’s altitude and resolution requirements. RAPTOR™ delivers high reliability with low acquisition and ownership costs, and is fully expandable. The RAPTOR systems nominally operate at frequencies between 400-500 MHz and can be configured to address a broad range of Boundary Layer thru Tropospheric/Stratospheric profiling needs, with power, antenna-size and transmit frequency tailored to satisfy country- and application-specific requirements.

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