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Weather Radar Systems
Extensive line of Doppler Weather Radar Systems from Enterprise Electronics Corporation (EEC) is available for weather detection and analysis. The product line covers all normal meteorological frequencies from X-Band to S-Band and all power levels from 250 Watts to over one (1) million Watts.

All standard systems are configured with a state-of-the-art digital receiver and powerful Doppler Signal Processor. EEC antenna systems are provided to meet any meteorological mission, including reflectors of up to 8.5 meters and pedestals with payload capacities exceeding six (6) tons.

EEC software systems are designed and written specifically for weather radar control and data analysis with an emphasis on providing high level complex data processing in an easy to use setting. Extracting the important information from the clutter of the real world has never been easier. A wide range of sophisticated meteorological products can be automatically or interactively generated to support general forecasting, severe weather alerts, aviation operational decisions, hydrological event planning such as floods, flash-floods and more.

Recent innovations include patented simultaneous dual polarization designs, ultra-high definition signal processing and displays that provide true insight into storm and weather event structure and behavior. EEC provides absolutely the best clutter rejection in the business and a completely updated software system with more useful products making life much easier for meteorologists and hydrologists alike.

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