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Wind Hazard Detection and Alerting System
PTC works with Lockheed Martin Coherent Technologies to supply WindTracer® , a commercially produced Doppler LIDAR (light detection and ranging) system that can provide high resolution wind data and map out the winds at a range of up to six nautical miles. The system scans the entire field along the glide slope, identifying and tracking dangerous weather conditions.

WindTracer operates unattended and uses invisible infrared lasers that are completely safe to human eye and meet the federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) requirements for laser operation in the airport terminal area.

WindTracer continually detects hazardous winds without relying on precipitation. It provides a significant new level of accurate wind data in clear air conditions. Advisory wind hazard alerts, including location and strength, are quickly relayed to pilots of arriving and departing aircraft.

Currently there are two (2) sets of WindTracer® at Hong Kong International Airport achieving 98 percent availability. More importantly, Hong Kong International Airport now achieves a 95 percent detection rate for wind shear events, confirmed by pilot reports.

Applications for WindTracer® are:

    Airport applications
  • Wind hazard detection and alerting of wind hazard such as wind shear, microburst, gust fronts, turbulence and crosswinds.
  • Wake Vortex Measurement for Capacity Optimization.
    Other applications
  • Wind Energy - wind resource assessment
  • Meteorological studies (weather research and wind profiling)
  • Environmental studies (air pollution monitoring, wildfire wind and smoke detection)

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