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Radiation Measurements and Sources
In response to the construction, in the 80s and 90s respectively, of Guangdong Nuclear Power Station and Lingao Nuclear Power Station at Daya Bay, China, some 50 km North East of Hong Kong’s urban area, PTC has been supplying an extensive lines of equipment, accessories and consumables for radiation measurement and detection.

These include environmental radiation monitor for measuring ambient gamma radiation for use in radiation monitoring network; gamma ray spectrometers in the aerial monitoring system, radiation survey meters for use in emergency response and cross border checking, as well as air sampling equipment and accessories for collection and analysis of food and environmental samples.

Other instrumentation that we also handle includes monitors and detectors for radon, thoron and their progeny detection and measurement.

PTC also supplies the widest array of radioactive sources, with isotopes from Americium to Zinc, both standard and custom sources, for various markets including medical imaging, calibration & research standards, and industrial. A wide range of certifications, including ANSI, ISO, CE Mark, TUV, FDA and DKD are available.