Radiation Sources
PTC works with Isotopes Products Laboratories (IPL) to supply the widest array of radioactive sources. From Americium to Zinc, standard sources to custom-made sources, different activities and configurations, we are committed to provide our customers with superior quality, reasonable price, ensuring product safety, convenience and prompt delivery. (All purchasers are required to hold the necessary license for handling radioactive substances from the local authority. Local delivery service will be offered to all customers in Hong Kong.)

Medical Imaging

Full line of standard medical reference and radiography sources as well as custom configurations and activities are also available. Products include:

  • Flood Sources
  • Line Sources
  • Dose Calibrator Standards
  • Markers
  • Spot Markers
  • Penpoint Markers
  • Flexible Markers
  • Rulers
  • Well Counter Calibration Standards

Feature products include

Perflexion™ Flexible Flood Sources

Unique flood sources offer small size, low weight. Typically less than 25 lbs packed.

Now available in "cardiac" sizes!

Small Animal, High Resolution, and Multimodal Sources

Patented sources offer highest resolution and best calibration for fusion imaging.

Cs-137 Tube Sources

IPL Cs-137 Tube Sources are designed for use in appropriate applicators for the treatment of gynecological cancer. The sources can be used in other treatment modalities as prescribed by a qualified practitioner.

Reference and Calibration

IPL offers radiation standards in many different geometries which can be generally categorized as Point Source Standards, Planar Standards and Large Volume Standards.

Download the complete IPL Medical Imaging Catalog PDF


IPL offers a full line of industrial Gauging Sources, XRF Sources, Well Logging, and Line Sources. Point sources are offered in our HEG and PHI series sources. Line sources are offered in our HEGL series. Many of our sources meet and surpass the stringent requirements of Well logging sources and are registered for that application.

Download the complete IPL Standard Catalog PDF


IPL certifications include ANSI, ISO, CE Mark, TUV, FDA and DKD. IPL also received DKD accreditation for contained radioactivity, radioactive concentration in solution, photon flux and particle flex.

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