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Radioparticulate and Radioiodine Sampling Equipment and Supplies
Together with F&J Specialty Products, PTC supplies health physics air monitoring specialists in the nuclear industry with a large selection of equipment and accessories for use in the radiation protection and monitoring applications at commercial power plants and nuclear facilities.

In addition, a large selection of air monitoring and calibration systems is available to both the nuclear and non-radiological industries. Some of the key products are:

Air Samplers

Models for grab sampling applications are available for facility radiation protection activities as well as environmental monitoring and personal air monitoring programs. Accessories such as calibration devices and weather houses are available.

Digital Air Flow Calibrators

F&J’s line of Digital Air Flow Calibrators are the some of the most accurate calibrators for the price. With a standard accuracy of 2%, they are more than twice as accurate as analog style calibrators. With a large selection of flow ranges, there is an air flow calibrators for most applications. All digital calibrators correct displayed flow to standard temperature and pressure (STP). Some available options are actual flow display and battery powered units.

Marinelli Beakers (GA-MA Beakers)

Highest quality and the most economically priced Marinelli beakers sold on the market today and are specifically designed for disposable use. Disposable GA-MA Beakers are available for solid, liquid and gas sampling applications. Other products include radiogas container, planchets and radiochemistry disc, gas valves and lids.

Radioiodine Collection Cartridges

These are TEDA impregnated charcoal and silver zeolite filter cartridges for collection and quantitative determination of radioactive iodine and other iodide species.

Analytical Filter Paper

Various grades of glass fiber paper, carbon impregnated filter paper and cellulose papers for collection and quantitative determination of airborne radioactive particulate matter are available. Filter discs, rectangular shapes and rolls of all sizes, including Swipes (smears), with and without record folders are available.

Filter Holders

Filter holders are manufactured in engineering plastics, aluminum and stainless steel. They are available in open face or in-line models for particulate only or combination (radioiodine cartridges and filter paper). Filter holders are available for standard or custom filter geometrics.

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