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Balancing Machines and Instruments
PTC works with IRD Balancing to supply a range of balancing instruments and machines that is essential to your balancing needs. Whether you are dealing with a turbine in a power plant, a fan in a chemical facility, an armature from an electric motor, or a roll in a paper mill, your rotors need to be balanced as precisely as possible.

We can accommodate a range of rotor weights from a fraction of a kilogram to over 300 000 kilograms (.022 to 660 000 pounds). Our knowledge of precision balancing allows us to recommend the best Balancing Machine and instrumentation solution for your specific application.

Advantages of soft balancing machines are:

  • High balance sensitivity, as small as .015 g mm (.00002 oz in)
  • Balance at lower and safer speeds
  • Instrumentation capability of both first run readout and trial weight calibration
  • Instrumentation can read vibration displacement in addition to unbalance
  • Transportable, modular design
  • Broad rotor weight range in each machine
  • No expensive construction of special concrete foundations required

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