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Machine Equipment
PTC supplies a wide range of equipment from CAM Industries to help our clients at railway, mining, steel mill, defense, automotive, and other industries to produce and maintain better AC & DC motors, generators, transformers, commutators, stator, armature & high voltage coils.

Key equipments include:

Electric manufacturing machines

Machines for building and repairing DC motors of all sizes such as universal machines, mica undercutters, banding machines, auto welders, armature stands, coil pulling station, armature seasoner and balancing machines for armature etc.

Coil Manufacturing Systems

Full line of machines to make AC and DC form coils such as automatic / semi-automatic coil taping, bench taping machines, RW automatic cut-to-length & insulation stripping machine, turn taping machines, coil spreaders and formers, coil winding machines and coil press / hot press etc.

Wire Harness Taping Equipment

CAM’s custom taping machines and dispensers are used in a wide range of industrial applications to insulate, protect, bind and wrap wire harness, electric, coils, buss bars, plastic tubing and much more. Their taping systems apply polyimide, vinyl, foil, glass, mica, epoxy film, polyester, woven paper, reinforced filament, fluorocarbon film composites and other material.

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