Fuel Flow
PTC works with GILL Sensors & Controls to supply an ultrasonic fuel flow meter which is compact, lightweight and designed to withstand extreme levels of vibration and temperatures.

The Ultrasonic Fuel Flow Meter uses proven solid-state ultrasonic flow meaurement technology to detect bi-directional fuel flow rate up to 8000ml/min. The fuel flow meter is capable of monitoring both transient and steady fuel flow, flow direction, fuel temperature and cumulative fuel usage.

With no mechanical moving parts within the flow path, pressure drop across is minimised providing true flow rate data with little impact on the fuel flow itself. Featuring a newly-developed electronic platform, which integrates the latest technology, the meter is capable of measuring fuel flow rate at 1kHz.

The Ultrasonic Fuel Flow Meter has been designed for use with all fuel types, including petroleum, gasoline, diesel and aggressive ethanol blends. The meter has been certified by the FIA for use in the 2014 Formula 1 and World Endurance Championship (WEC). 

Video: Fuel Flow Sensor Daytona Road Circuit Simulation

Ultrasonic Fuel Flow Meter datasheet


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