Liquid Level
PTC works with GILL Sensors & Controls to supply a wide range of liquid level sensors that use solid-state capacitive technology to measure the level of liquid. With no moving parts to break or wear out, our sensors offer unmatched long term reliability in a variety of harsh environments.
Video: How Capacitive Liquid Level Sensors Work

The GILL liquid level sensors incorporate on-board processing electronics that are located within the mounting flange and each sensor offers a fully configurable 0-5V analogue output, compatible with most industry-standard systems.  All Gill level sensors are compatible with most fluid types including fuel, oil, water, coolant, bio-fuel and other liquid types.

The GILL liquid level sensors are compact, lightweight and robust; they are used in an extremely wide range of applications including premier motorsport series, marine vessels, mining and industrial machinery.

1. GS Level Industrial Liquid Level Sensor

The GS Level industrial specification Liquid Level Sensor is available up to 2m long and is designed specifically for industrial environments where monitoring of a variety of conductive and non-conductive liquid types is required.

Length: Up to 2m

Construction: 316 Stainless Steel

Operating temperature: -40°C to +125°C 

Mounting: SAE 5-Bolt & 1.25" BSP or 1⅛" UNF thread mount housing

GS Level Industrial Liquid Level Sensor datasheet

2. GS Level Marine Liquid Level Sensor

Capacitive liquid level sensor with marine standard NMEA2000 compatibility. The sensor features a -40°C to +125°C electronic operating temperate range suitable for tanks up to 2m deep.

Length: Up to 2m

Construction: Stainless Steel

Operating temperature: -40°C to +125°C 

Mounting: SAE-5 bolt & 1.25" BSP threaded 

Video: Marine Liquid Level Sensor

3. Liquid Level Display

The S1 Liquid Level Display is a slimline digital liquid level indicator with 29 super-bright LEDs and light sensitive auto-dimming. Complete with configurable low level visual alarm.

Overall Size: 116mm x 50mm x 13mm (W x H x D)

V Supply: ±12VDC 2.8V

Voltage Input: 0-5V

Sealing: IP65

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