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Lube Oil Condition
PTC works with GILL Sensors & Controls to supply an Lube Oil Condition Sensor that continuously real-time monitors the ferrous wear, failure particles and water contamination in lube oil.  It provides an early indication of potential breakdowns in gearboxes and transmissions, allowing planned preventative maintenance.

That lube oil sensor has powerful magnets that attract and retain ferrous particles in the fluid. Identification is either fine wear particles signalling fluid cleanliness or increased wear rates, or coarse failure pieces giving early indication of possible component failure.

Additionally, the sensor will provide an alarm condition of water contamination in oil, which can lead to subsequent part failure and an oil presence alarm, signalling either low oil levels or leakage.

Available with either 0-10V, 4-20mA or CAN outputs, along with a local visual alarm option, the Sensors are designed to suit most data collection devices such as Dataloggers, PLC's, ECU’s. The sensor features a simple metric thread with an O-ring seal for direct fitting into a gearbox or transmission housing.

Lube Oil Debris Sensor datasheet

Video: Lube Oil Debris Sensor

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