Mass Flow
PTC works with Sierra Instruments to supply a wide range of high performance mass flow meters and mass flow controllers for nearly any gas, liquid, or steam application and offerings in various flow ranges, surface finishes, mechanical interfaces and electrical connections.

Sierra Instruments thermal mass, transit-time ultrasonic, and multi-parameter mass vortex instruments are available in both standard and customized versions for applications in research, quality control, OEM systems, industrial process control and hazardous environments. From the factory floor to the laboratory, Sierra’s flow measurement technologies precisely measure or control very low flows of gas down to less than 1 sccm full scale as well as extremely high flows of gas, liquid, and steam. In addition, Sierra also specializes in Primary Standard NIST traceable calibration, repair and field service for mass flow meters and controllers area line of cost-effective and portable Primary Standard gas flow calibration systems are available for recalibration use.

Why measure mass flow?

  • Direct mass flow measurement is more accurate and cost effective.
  • Direct Mass flow does not need any pressure or temperature compensation equipment or flow computers.
  • Provides immunity to process changes in P & T; i.e., very repeatable measurements.
  • In Gases, density is highly variable. This makes volumetric gas flow very sensitive to changes in pressure and temperature.
  • Over 80% of all industrial processes—such as those involving chemical reactions, combustion, respiration, and HVAC—are based on mass flow, not volumetric flow.

Key product lines are:

Digital mass flow meters & controllers

Sierra award winning premium digital family is made up of their flagship Smart-Trak 100 Series and their highly engineered ultra low flow solution, the Micro-Trak 101 Series. Ideal for OEM's and end users alike, our family of digital mass flow instruments are defining a new breed of Performance MFC & MFM.

Featuring user-friendly features commonly found in today's consumer electronics and our most advanced sensor, valve and laminar flow element technology, we believe that Smart-Trak and Micro-Trak are two of Sierra finest achievements.

Smart-Trak 100 Series Mass Flow Meters & Controllers
Micro-Trak™ 101 Series Ultra Low Flow Mass Flow Meters & Controllers
Max-Trak® Model 180 Industrial Mass Flow Meters & Controllers


Analog mass flow meters & controllers

Sierra’s family of high performance analog mass flow meters (MFM's) and mass flow controllers (MFC's) has been in continuous production since 1984. Since that time, Sierra has successfully delivered over 150,000 analog MFM’s and MFC’s to build an installed base in almost every country in the world. Side-Trak® Model 830 and Model 840 comprise our premium offering. Mass-Trak® Model 810S and Top-Trak® Model 820S are stainless steel versions of our economical nylon products.

Economical Mass flow Meters & Controllers

Sierra introduced the first inexpensive electronic Mass Flow Meters (MFM’s) and Mass Flow Controllers (MFC’s) in the mid 1980’s with our well known Top-Trak® and Mass-Trak® product lines. With several hundred thousand units installed worldwide, this product family remains a favorite of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) who depend on an economical mass flow solution. Our economical family of MFM’s and MFC’s have become an industry standard for accurate mass flow measurement and control of air & non-corrosive gases. And you’ll love the price & delivery!

Light Industry Thermal Mass Flow Meters

Sierra light-industrial thermal air flow instruments are specifically designed to provide a cost-effective solution for all inert industrial gases, for methane (natural gas), or for propane. Our thermal air flow meters provide common-sense solutions for most common air, nitrogen, and methane applications.

Because of the small footprint, the light-industrial instruments – Boiler-Trak™, , Fast-Flo™ Model 620S, and Accu-Mass™ Model 730 – are a popular choice for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM's) who need an economical solution and have space constraints. Sierra's light-industrial thermal air flow instrument products deliver an exceptional turndown ratio and high accuracy at a price that can't be beat.

Heavy-Industrial Thermal Mass Flow Meters

Sierra heavy-industrial thermal mass flowmeters are designed for the most demanding industrial gas mass or air flow measurement applications. Featuring heavy-duty 316 stainless steel wetted materials, our heavy-industrial thermal mass flow meter line is the answer for the roughest industrial environments. All of the heavy-industrial thermal mass flow meters – Model 640S Steel-Trak, Model 780S Flat-Trak , and Model 780S-UHP – feature direct mass flow measurement. Each model also features Sierra’s Smart Electronics Package for field-rangeability, flow-range adjustment, and meter validation and diagnostics. Sierra's heavy-industrial thermal mass flowmeters have no moving parts and feature digital signal processing, which allow them to work in the toughest environments.

Transit-time Ultrasonic Flow Meters

Innova-Sonic Digital Liquid Flow Meters

Sierra Innova-Sonic flowmeters are state-of-the-art universal transit-time instruments incorporating the latest advances in digital signal processing. The Innova-Sonic™ Portable Model 210 clamp-on features an industry-unique Bluetooth® wireless PDA interface for a truly flexible and convenient liquid flow measurement tool. Innova-Sonic™ Model 205 is our dedicated/fixed display readout version with non-invasive clamp-on transducers. The Innova-Sonic™ Insertion Model 205 features insertion transducers resulting in high signal strength in challenging applications and extremely large pipes.

The new Innova-Sonic® In-Line Model 206 featuring Sierra patented PicoFly™ technology is designed to give end-users as an alternative choice for typical liquid Mag-Meter applications where high performance and affordable pricing are important. The 0.5% of reading accuracy is as good or better than any typical magnetic flowmeter, but the ability to measure down to zero flow in virtually any clean liquid regardless of conductivity sets Sierra’s Innova-Sonic® Model 206 In-Line apart. While principally designed for clean liquid applications, all instruments in Sierra Innova-Sonic family are tolerant of liquids with small amounts of air bubbles or suspended solids common in most industrial environments. All Innova-Sonic flowmeters offer low power consumption, high reliability and outstanding applicability at an economical cost.

NEMA 6/IP67 Mass Flow Controllers

Model 180 Max-Trak™ Industrial Mass Flow Controllers It is important to accurately "control" gas mass flow rate, not just accurately measure it. Sierra Instruments has a long history of manufacturing thermal mass flow meters that accurately control flow rate for uses around the world in some of the toughest industrial environments. Max-Trak is the result of pouring our industrial mass flow measurement know-how into development of a rugged and reliable industrial gas mass flow controller. The resulting industrial gas mass flow controller is ideal for process control environments found in industries like: food, beverage, chemical processing such as ammonia, pharmaceutical, and biotech.

Primary Standard Gas Flow Calibration

Get unsurpassed Primary Standard Gas Flow Calibration capability with the portable and low-maintenance Cal=Trak SL-500 and Cal=Trak SL-800. Sierra, one of world's most preferred gas flow meter manufacturers, presents the much anticipated successors to its well-known, but discontinued Cal=Bench line of primary standard piston provers of the1990's. The Cal=Trak SL-500 offers an excellent accuracy of ±0.35% of reading while the Cal=Trak SL-800 offers the best accuracy of any commercially available standard: ±0.15% of reading!

Any flow instrument operator can use Cal=Trak in the manufacture, inspection, validation and recalibration of mass flow controllers, mass flow meters and numerous other varieties of gas flow measurement and control instrumentation.

Cal=Trak operates in the 5 sccm up to 50 slpm flow range. The broad turndown ratio allows three interchangeable flow cells to cover the entire range, minimizing initial investment and maintenance costs. Alternatively, the modular nature of the Cal=Trak allows the user to begin with one flow cell and then add other cells as resources allow--creating the need for only a minimal initial investment from the customer to get started.

Sierra's Cal=Trak line provides primary NIST traceability, is manufactured under strict ISO 17025 certification, and is CE approved. The dimensionally-based primary accuracy of Cal=Trak is superior to pressure-based secondary methods and is backed by a rigorous uncertainty analysis.

Both Cal=Trak models offer data logging, digital communications, interval operation and many other productivity-enhancing features. Fast enough to use as a flow meter, Cal=Trak is automatic and requires minimal training to get started. It is well-suited for applications in the metrology, semiconductor, analytical, medical and pharmaceutical fields, among many others.

Heavy Industry Multiparameter Mass Flow Meter

Steam (Saturated & Superheated)

Sierra was the first to introduce a Multiparameter Mass Flow Meter to the market in the 1990’s. Sierra's Multiparameter product line features an inline version, the Model 240 Innova-Mass® and a unique insertion version, the Model 241 Innova-Mass®. The Model 240 and Model 241 can measure the mass flow rate of any gas or liquid and are ideally suited for saturated or superheated steam. The 241 is available in high-pressure versions capable of mass flow measurement of gases up of 5000 psig. Sierra Multiparameter Technology allows one instrument and one process connection to measure FIVE process parameters at the same time. The Model 240 and Model 241 simultaneously measure mass flow rate, temperature, pressure, volumetric flow rate, and fluid density. The unique design features an integrated sensor suite consisting of a velocity sensor, a temperature sensor and a pressure transducer all tied to a sophisticated on-board computer. The Model 240 and Model 241 are fully field-programmable, configurable and feature RS485, MODBUS or HART protocols. You save money by getting FIVE separate instruments in ONE. Increase your flow knowledge—Try Innova-Mass®!

Heavy Industrial Flow and Level Switch Products

Sierra's Innova-Switch™ flow and level switches represent the state-of-the-art in gaseous and liquid flow switching or liquid level control. Innova-Switch was designed to meet a broad range of performance and environmental application requirements. The sensor and other wetted materials are 316L stainless steel and feature all welded construction with no moving parts. The Innova-Switch is easy to install and adjust, giving reliable, low maintenance performance in the most demanding applications.

Flow and level detection is accomplished by using a high-resolution thermal differential technique. The sensor consists of a pair of matched Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTD's). One RTD is self-heated using a constant DC current. The other RTD is unheated and provides an accurate process temperature reference. The thermal differential created between the reference and the heated RTD pair is a function of the density and/or velocity of the media with which the sensor is in contact.

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