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On-line Monitoring for Water
PTC supplies a complete range of on-line instrumentation for water, wastewater, high-purity water and steam from Swan Analytical Instruments. No matter your measure parameter is ammonium, chlorine, ozone, conductivity, resistivity, hydrazine, nitrate, dissolves oxygen, phosphate, redox, pH, silica, sodium or turbidity, there is an instrument available to meet your need.

Some of the main applications are as follow:

Portable Water and Industrial Water

Due to environmental concerns, the use of chemical in water treatment has changed much in recent years. Tight control of chlorine addition calls for highly precise and reliable instrumentation. Cost effectiveness comes as an additional benefit. We offer a broad range of monitoring and control systems for the disinfection of portable water, cooling water, swimming pools, and a wide variety of process applications.

Steam and High Purity Water

The on-line analysis of high purity water and steam is critical to the process. Downtime of power plants and semicon fabs is very expensive. The trend is moving towards higher precision without neglecting reliability. Swan is the technological leader in on-line instruments for the analysis of sodium, silica and dissolved oxygen.

Effluent and Surface Water

The rough environment at effluent treatment plants, fish farms, and outdoor monitoring sites requires that special attention be given to the stability and ruggedness of the instrumentation. Swan is widely known for the performance of its systems in the measuring and controlling of dissolved oxygen in such applications.

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