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Pressure and Temperature
As the business partner of WIKA (Germany) PTC offers the largest standard range of pressure and temperature measuring instruments worldwide to our customers.

Wika product lines include the following for various field of application:

Mechanical Pressure Measuring Instruments

Indicating instruments for gauge, absolute and differential pressure with bourdon tube, diaphragm or capsule pressure element, which cover pressure ranges from 0…2.5 mbar to 0…4,000 bar and accuracies of up to 0.1% can also be equipped with mechanical, electrical and electronic accessories and combined with a variety of diaphragm seal solutions. Key products include:

Electronic Pressure Measuring Instruments

Complete range of electronic pressure measuring instruments: pressure sensors, pressure switches, and pressure transmitters for the measurement of gauge, absolute and differential pressure. Measuring ranges 0…0.6 mbar to 0…8,000 bar. These instruments come supplied with standardized current or voltage output signals, interfaces and protocols for various types of field buses. Key products include:

Mechanical Temperature Measuring Instruments

Wide range of temperature measuring instruments work on the bimetal or gas actuation principle and cover temperature ranges from -200 degree C to +700 degree C. Key products include:

Electrical Temperature Measuring Instruments

Complete range of products includes thermocouples, resistance thermometers, analogue and digital temperature transmitters, digital indicators, controllers and calibrators for temperature ranges from -200 degree C to +1,800 degree C. Key products include:


A large variety of Thermowells are available for the thermometers, so that they can even be used under extreme process conditions. Special materials such as Hastelloy or Titanium or with special coatings of Tantalum and Teflon are available as options.

Diaphragm Seals

WIKA has many innovative and patented Diaphragm Seals for aggressive media applications. WIKA has the right combination of materials and technology to provide lasting instrumentation operating life.

Testing and Calibration Technology

Wika offers a wide range of calibration instruments for the measurement parameters pressure and temperature. As service, Wika’s electronic and mechanical pressure and temperature measuring instruments are calibrated at Wika’s DKD calibration laboratories.

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