Handling rotational speed – measuring, monitoring and processing speed; PTC works with Jaquet (Switzerland) to offer our customers the world’s most versatile range of solutions for measurement of speed.

Dependent on your specific requirements – we can offer a variety of technologies. The robust construction of all Jaquet’s products ensures long-term reliability, even under the most demanding environmental conditions.

Jaquet’s product lines include:

Speed sensors Overspeed protection systems Signal processing and monitoring systems
Diagnostic systems Tachometers, speed measurement and switching instruments Pole wheels and pole bands

Jaquet’s products can be found commonly in the following industries and applications:

Industrial Machinery

  • speed measurement
  • Overspeed protection systems
  • Speed indication

Turbines and compressors

  • Speed measurement
  • 1,2 or multi-channel systems
  • complete 3 channel Overspeed protection systems, certified to IEC 61508 SIL3


  • Brake wheel slide protection sensors
  • Speed measurement for traction control
  • Door interlock sensors
  • Black-box information


  • Speed sensors for turbochargers
  • Measurement of crankshaft and camshaft speed
  • Motor diagnostic systems


  • Speed measurement
  • Overspeed protection systems
  • Position measurement
  • Filtered speed signal

Diesel and gas engines

  • Speed measurement
  • Turbocharger speed
  • Overspeed protection systems
  • Motor diagnostic systems

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