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Sound Solutions - Electronic Audible Alarm
PTC works with Mallory Sonalert Products to supply a wide range of high-performance audible alarm devices.

The Sonalert® brand of Mallory is recognized around the world as the standard in audible alarms for reliability and performance in electronic audible alarm. Mallory’s sound solutions are widely used by customers in a variety of industrial, consumer, transportation, medical, and military markets.

Typical applications are:

Aerospace/Aircraft Fire Safety Equipment Personal Watercraft
Aftermarket Transportation Fitness Equipment Pesticide Sprayers
Air Freshener Dispensers Forklifts Pill Dispensers
All Terrain Vehicles (ATV's) Garage Door Openers Pool Alarms
Amusement Parks Gas Pumps Postal Machines
Animal Training Devices Glucose Meters Printers
Anti-Theft Devices Golf Carts Respirators
Army Tanks Ground Fault Protectors Restaurant Equipment
Automatic Gate Controllers` Ground Proximity Warning Devices Scanners
Automatic Teller Machines Heart Monitors Scissor Lifts
Backhoes Helicopters Scooters
Backup Alarms Hospital Beds Scoreboards
Bank Machines Hospital Nurse Calls Security Equipment
Bar code Readers Infant Monitors Security Gates
Bath Tub Controls/Spas Irrigation Equipment Security Locks
Bicycle Peripherals Jet Skis Sewage Pumps
Blood Heating Elements Keypad Entry Simulators
Boats Laser Vests Smoke Detectors
Burglar Alarms Leak Detection Equipment Snowmobiles
Buses Level Detectors Space Shuttle
Car Washes Lift Trucks Sterilizers
Carbon Monoxide Detectors Lighting Ballasts Submarines
Card Readers Lottery Ticket Machines Surge Protectors
Combines Low Battery Indicators Tanning Beds
Computer Peripherals Manufacturing Equipment Thermometers
Computers Measurement Equipment Time Controls
Construction Equipment Metal Detectors Timers
Copy Machines Medical Equipment Tools
Cranes Microwave Ovens Toys
Defibrillators Military Trucks Tractors
Deodorizing Dispensers Milling Equipment Traffic Signals
Door Alarms Missile Launchers Trains
Driver Alert Monitors Treadmills
Drug Dispensers Motorcycles Trucks
Dryers Multi Meters Turn Signal Mirrors
EFI Navigation Equipment UPS Monitors
Electric Cars Network Driven Dictation Products Vending Machines
Electronic Metering Pumps Neighborhood Vehicles Washing Machines
Elevators Oxygen Concentrators Watercraft
Emergency Locating Devices Parking Lot Gates Water Treatment
Farm Implements PASS Devices Wheelchair Lifts
Fire Alarms Personal Alarms X-Ray Equipment
Fire Doors Personal Mobility Equipment Yachts

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