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High-Speed Cameras

PTC supplies high-speed cameras from iX Cameras, formerly a division of Olympus. The high-speed vidoe business was spun off in 2014. iX Cameras was founded by a team of engineers that had worked at Olympus KeyMed for over 15 years, developing state-of the-art high-speed cameras under the brand name of i-SPEED. The i-SPEED cameras have won numberous design and innovation awards, including the coveted Queen's Award for technical achievement.

It's a level of performance that captures more than movement. It captures the imagination. From the innovators of Olympus high-speed camera technology comes our bullet-stopping i-SPEED 7 Series, groundbreaking in its recording capacity 400 times faster than standard 1080p HD rates. Discover a powerful, high-end line of cameras packed with value and suited for a wide range of applications. There's only one way to capture the fastest events in the world. That's with the highest resolution, fastest camera ever built.

  • Resolution: 2048 x 1536
  • Speed: 5050fps - 8250fps @ full resolution
  • Max. Frame Rate: 500,000fps - 1,000,000fps
  • Sensor: Color/Mono

2. i-SPEED 3 Series

Discover a family of best-selling cameras that captures high-resolution images in extreme low light with up to 150,000fps recording. The i-SPEED 3 Series is a workhorse -- a robust, value-packed solution for engineers, product developers, test scientists and more, for applications including sports, ballistics, machine automation, biology and beyond. Acquire the slow motion footage you need in a camera that won't break the budget.

  • Resolution: 1280 x 1024
  • Speed: 2,000fps @ full resolution
  • Max. Frame Rate: 150,000fps - 1,000,000fps
  • Sensor: Color/Mono

3. i-SPEED 220/221

The i-SPEED 220 and i-SPEED 221 represent the first cameras in a class of small footprint, easy-to-use, low-cost and very high-resolution cameras. These cameras trade pixel count for speed. A high-resolution 1600x1600 CMOS fast-transfer sensor allows the imagery of minute details even when zoomed in.

  • Resolution: 1600 x 1600 CMOS sensor
  • Speed: 600fps @ full resolution
  • Max. Frame Rate: 204,100fps
  • Certified to 100G shock, 10G vibration
  • Sensor: Color/Mono

4. i-SPEED 210/211

The i-SPEED 210 and i-SPEED 211 are the perfect high-speed cameras for real-word situation where access portability and rapid depolyment matter. These cameras fit in the palm of your hand; when tethered to a laptop or Ethernet cable, they can fit almost anywhere - under dashboards, in engine compartments, in machinery and more.

  • Resolution: 1280 x 1024 CMOS sensor
  • Speed: 500fps @ full resolution
  • Max. Frame Rate: 79,500fps
  • Certified to 100G shock, 10G vibration
  • Excellent light sensitivity

5. i-SPEED 230

The i-SPEED 230 is a lightweight, compact high-speed camera suited for a wide range of applications such as automotive crash testing, material strain testing, and scientific research. The newest addition to the i-SPEED 2 Series from iX Cameras, the 230 offers a small form factor and lightweight body for easy integration into assembly lines and lab testing areas. Optional Hi-G shock rating ensures excellent performance even when deployed on an automotive impact sled or production line machinery.

  • Resolution: 1280 x 864 full resolution
  • Speed: 2,500fps @ full resolution
  • Max. Frame Rate: 225,000fps
  • Certified to 100G shock, 20G vibration
  • Outstanding image quality



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