ibidi Instruments
Heating & Gasincubation System

Temperature Controller
Environmental humidity             Relative humidity 0% - 99%
Environmental temperature     +5°C - +40°C (50% rel. humidity)

CO2 Control
CO2 control range                       0%–15%
Resolution                             0.1%
O2 Control
O2 control range                    0%–21% 
Resolution                            0.1%


Pump System

  • Operates up to four parallel Fluidic Units per ibidi Pump
  • Flow characteristics: all flow types are laminar
  • Some examples:
    • Unidirectional flow simulates veins or small arteries
    • Oscillating flow simulates disturbed conditions at vessel branchings or valves
    • Pulsatile flow simulates arterial conditions
  • Flow rate using ibidi µ-Slides: 0.1 – 40 ml/min
  • Shear stress using ibidi µ-Slides: 0.2 – 80 dyn s/cm2
  • Working volume: 2.5 ml / 12 ml / 50 ml
  • Suitable for all µ-Slides with Luer adapters
  • Also suitable for home-made flow chambers
  • Compatible with all incubators
  • Software-controlled flow rates and shear stress


OPAL Optical O2 Measurement System

  • Exact measurement of absolute oxygen concentration in cell cultures or tissue
  • Ideal for in vitro hypoxia conditions in 2D or 3D cell culture (e.g., tumor models or metabolism studies)
  • Measurement of oxygen consumption or production

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