Macular Pigment Screener for Visual Health
PTC partners with Elektron Technology to supply the unique Macular Pigment Screener - MPSII. MPSII is a portable screening device enabling early detection of patients at risk of Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) - the leading cause of vision loss in people over 50.

People with macular degeneration experience severely distorted vision and loss of colours that makes it very difficult to read and recognise faces. MPSII measures your eyes' Macular Pigment (MP) level. The yello pigment on the Macular protects your retina from potentially damaging effects of blue light. Low MP is a significant (modifiable) risk factor for AMD and once detected, can be managed through diet, supplementation and lifestyle in order to minimize the risk of early onset of AMD.

Features of MPSII

  • Screening: early detection of the risk of sight loss
  • Accuracy: Monocular detection is most accurate subjective method
  • Speed: ~1 minute per eye for MP result
  • Cost: the most cost-effective screener on the market
  • Reliability: data quality algorithms provide instant interpretation of results
  • Portability: ideal for small clinics, hospitals and domicillary visits
  • Innovation: novel application of Heterochromatic Flicker Technology
  • Flexibility: Standard and Expert modes enable detailed drill-down of results
  • Connectivity: links to Windows PC for ease to use
  • Data: patient's record and results stored for continuous monitoring of MP
  • CE/FDA approved

Useful links

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  • AMD Alliance International
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