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Cell Culture Inverted Microscopes CKX2 series
PTC supplies the most cost-effective Olympus inverted microscopes with excellent optics for routine cell-culture inspections.

CKX series microscopes make cell checking quicker and easier than ever —because they are simple to operate, require minimal optical adjustments and capture the best possible observation images with outstanding efficiency. Use of a tilting observation tube, which allows the user to make observations while standing, is an especially convenient feature.

In addition, the compact design allows installation right beside the incubator, improving safety and saving time spent on carrying specimens elsewhere for observation.

Multiple observation methods are supported, and the range of applications has been further increased.
The CKX series: designed to make routine cell checking quicker, easier and more efficient.


Standard microscope for cell culture observation with fixed binocular tube.


A binocular tilting tube, which allows observation while standing, and a trinocular observation tube which is compatible with various video cameras are available. Numerous accessories make it easy to upgrade the CKX41 according to need.


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