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Biological Upright Microscopes CX2 series
PTC works with Olympus to supply different system biological microscopes with excellent optics performance and cost-effective. 

System Microscope CX41

Equipped with UIS2 optical system, CX41 provides superior image clarity, system expandability, with excellent cost-efficiency. Suitable for both clinical and educational use.

  • Superior image quality with UIS2 optics

  • Wide range of accessories: Trinocular tube for connection to camera, dual observation attachment

  • Supports wide range of observation methods: brightfield, darkfield, fluorescence, phase contrast and simple polarizing



  • Ergonomic design, rigid, durable

Biological Microscope CX31

A superior cost-efficient performance solution for clinical and educational use, CX31 offers outstanding brightfield imaging with excellent flatness, and ergonomic design for greater operating .

  • Outstanding flat images from PLCN objectives

  • Bright, even illumination by 6V30W halogen lamp

  • Ergonomic design for operating ease and comfort

  • Rigid, durable, anti-fungus treatment

Biological Microscope CX23     NEW

Olympus CX23 gives cost-efficient basic performance for educational and clinical use, equipped with LED transmitted illumination.

  • Excellent basic performance by UIS2 optics

  • Easy, safe operation

  • Expanded viewing range of FN 20

  • Compact design, easy to store and carry

  • Longer lifetime: Light-emitting diode (LED) with lifetime of approximately 20,000 hours

  • Anti-fungus treatment for component durability

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