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Research Grade Inverted Microscopes IX3 series
PTC offers the latest Olympus IX3 series inverted microscopes for advanced live cell imaging experiments.

Research Inverted System Microscope IX83 / IX73 / IX53  NEW

Olympus IX3 inverted microscopes is a highly expandable platform for live cell imaging

  • Available as one-deck system with ergonomic low stage height or as a two-deck system to provide expanded functionality
  • Modules can be mounted with ease and allows users to build a single, uniquely flexible system
  • Available modules includes fluorescence filter turrets, side ports, magnification changers and more
  • Fluorescence illuminator (IX3-RFALFE) incorporates a fly-eye lens system to provide even distribution of fluorescence illumination
  • LED transmitted illumination available
  • Mechanical Stgae with high position reproducibility



    • Fully motorized and automated
    • Smart control by innovative touch panel
    • Z-drift compensation system (IX3-ZDC) available as option, which employs a near-infrared light to maintain continuous focus throughout extended time-lapse experiments.
    • Motorized fast filter wheel and shutter available



    Micromanipulation System ON3

    Olympus micromanipulation system ON3 series: A line-up to meet every specific need.

    In Vitro Fertilization, patch clamping, injection...modern standards in easy-to-operate micromanipulators vary widely according to differences of research and operation. Olympus manufactures a wide variety of microscopes for use with carefully selected micromanipulators to carry out specific applications with the greatest possible ease and comfort. Reliability is a key characteristic of Olympus systems, whose development aims at progressive and practical improvements in micromanipulation techniques and operation.





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