Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence Microscope System
Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence Microscope System (TIRFM) is one of the most advanced and powerful tools to study cell-surface biological activities. PTC offers laser TIRFM systems from Olympus.

Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence Microscopy (TIRFM) has firmly established itself over the last few years as a key technique in the investigation of molecular interactions at or near the cell surface. Olympus is experienced in providing advanced TIRFM solutions and cell^tirf takes this to the next level with a series of peerless features such as highly advanced optics, unique independent laser control and exceptional accuracy. The cell^tirf system is easy to use for TIRFM, HILO microscopy and point FRAP for a range of experimental protocols

  • True multi-color TIRFM
  • Software adjustment of penetration depths
  • Ease of use
  • Advanced TIRFM objectives family
  • Highly inclined laminated optical sheet (HILO) microscopy
  • Point FRAP enabled

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