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Confocal Laser Scanning Biological Microscopes
PTC supplies laser scanning confocal microscopes from Olympus which offers a choice of several system configurations that are able to meet the needs of an individual researcher or a number of researchers with a variety of different applications.

FV1200  NEW

The FLUOVIEW FV1200 biological confocal laser scanning microscope satisfies a range of researcher needs - enabling live cell imaging with improved high-sensitivity optical systems and delivering essential flexibility for diverse experimental arrangements. 

  • Spectral and filter scan units
  • The high sensitivity GaAsP detector module
  • SIM scanner allows simultaneous photostimulation during time-lapse imaging
  • Enhanced reliable objectives for live cell imaging
  • Maintain high-precision focus through extended time-lapse imaging
  • User-Friendly software to support your research


The Olympus FV1200MPE multi photon laser scanning microscope offers brighter, clearer imaging from deeper within specimens. This is thanks to its optical design, which has been optimized for efficient multi photon excitation and signal detection.

  • Brighter and deeper imaging with less damage
  • Dedicated objective with exceptional brightness and resolution for multi photon imaging
  • Take a revolutionary approach to deep imaging


The Olympus FVMPE-RS satisfies a myriad of performance needs for deep observation. It delivers high-speed, millisecond imaging essential for the capture of rapid in vivo responses, and offers ideal spot excitation with intense energy - even at deep sites. It also offers high S/N imaging for efficient detection of scattered fluorescence photons, simultaneous dual-wavelength excitation at deep sites, visibie or multi photon laser light stimulation, and synchronization with patch clamp data. Put simply, the Olympus FLUOVIEW FVMPE-RS combines high-speed, deep observation capability with multicolor imagng and powerful laser light stimulation for the researcher who refuses to compromise.

  • High-speed scanning catpures in vivo responses with 438fps
  • Optimized for deep observation
  • High-precision laser beam control up to 1300nm for flexible dual-light multi photon imaging
  • A varied lineup offering high flexibility and innocative ir laser beam control
  • Streamlined software for multi photon imaging   

FV10i-LIV  / FV10i-DOC

FV10i is the world's first self-contained Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope. The FV10i has the same functionality of a high end confocal laser scanning microscope with easy-to-use software delivering it in a compact design.

  • Unique self-contained design
  • Stress-free operation
  • Image capturing with use of sophisticated menus
  • Various observation mode
  • The advanced optical performance

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