Digital Cameras
PTC provides Olympus latest generation digital cameras, designed for wide-ranging applications from simple microscopic imaging to advanced fluorescence imaging and sophisticated time-lapse imaging.

Digital Camera DP80                        

A cutting-edge Dual CCD camera

  • A single camera featuring color/monochrome dual CCD sensors
  • Monochrome camera detects and captures dim fluorescence images
  • Color camera provdes clear real-time live preview display and high resolution color images
  • Imaging and analysis by cellSens software

Digital Camera DP73  

Advanced Color CCD camera

The Olympus DP73 is an advanced digital color camera which is excellent for fluorescence imaging and other image acquisition uses.

  • High-resolution of 17.28 megapixels
  • High-fidelity color reproduction
  • High-quality live display & High-speed image acquisition
  • Excellent operability
  • Imaging and analysis by cellSens software

Digital Camera DP27 NEW

5-Megapixel Color CCD Camera

The Olympus DP27 is an easy-to-operate digital color camera system for a broad range of scientific microscopy image acquisition uses, mainly focused on image documentation, reporting and analysis. Its high resolution, fast frame rates and excellent color fidelity all guarantee an efficient microscopy workday.

  • Smooth, Live images in exceptional detail
  • High fidelity color reproduction
  • Easy control by cellSens software or standalone controller

Digital Camera DP22 NEW

2.8-Megapixel Color CCD Camera

  • Smooth live image display of 2.8-megapixel image at 25 frames per second
  • Excellent Color Reproduction
  • Extended Movie Recording with Audio, ideal for teaching
  • Connect to monitor or projector directly for image display
  • Easy-to-use, stand-alone control

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