Polarizing Microscope
PTC offers Polarizing microscopes from Olympus for all kinds of applications, ranging from simple polarizing observations to advanced Orthoscopic/conoscopic observations.

Polarizing Microscope BX53-P 

Unsurpassed optics render polarized light images sharper than ever before.

Olympus is proud to introduce the BX53-P, the new polarizing microscope with superb performance in polarized light. It's a breakthrough combination of world-renowned UIS2 infinity-corrected optics and Olympus original optical-design. Olympus has also devised a new, extended line of compensators to make the BX53-P versatile enough to handle observation and measuring applications in virtually any field.

  • UIS2 optics provide outstanding system expandability
  • Enhanced operational ease
  • Simple and quick changeover between orthoscopic and conoscopic observation
  • An extensive range of compensators available
  • Features high EF-value filters in polarizer and analyzer resulting in unmatched image contrast

Polarizing Microscope CX31-P

Superb image clarity and sophisticated functions for high throughput in routine medical and industrial inspections.

The CX31-P is a high-quality polarizing microscope that's ideal for training, with the wide-ranging functions and superior durability required in every field of research. Its excellent optical performance is matched with the versatility to meet the demands of many different kinds of applications, from double-refraction examination of the structure and characteristics of transparent specimens to complex analyses of rocks, fibers, macromolecules and new materials.

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