Stereo Microscopes
PTC provides Olympus biological stereo microscopes for teaching, routine inspections and different research applications.

Research System Stereomicroscope SZX16SZX10

Olympus stereomicroscopes are the ideal solution for leading-edge microscopy applications, offering an exceptionally wide zoom ratio and extremely high numerical aperture (NA). Unmatched image clarity and a highly flexible optical system assure operational ease. The SZX2 Research Stereomicroscope System reveals a new world, far beyond expectations.

Cutting-edge biological and medical laboratories are environments that require the most effective imaging and observation of a vast quantity of live specimens. By meeting these needs, the research stereomicroscope system has advanced. Pursuant to its mission of "looking into the world of the unknown", the SZX2 Stereomicroscope Series has been refined to a higher level of quality and performance that redefines the possible for stereomicroscopes.

Thanks to the exceptionally high resolution, resulting from the high NA and multi-wave length, astigmatism-free design, the SZX2 provides a perceptually deeper depth of field. SZX2 is ergonomically redesigned especially to reduce fatigue and to provide ultimate ease of use for long-time observation and other tasks. SZX2 opens the door for you to a new world, untouched and unseen before now.

Stereomicroscope SZX7

The new SZX7 stereo microscope from Olympus is easy on the eye in more ways than one — as users in every field of biological study will quickly discover.

Because in operation, touch and optical performance, the SZX7 is designed to enhance ease of use and working comfort in every task, from advanced research to routine inspections. Its Galilean optical system, previously restricted to more specialized microscopes, offers the best zoom ratio in this class as well as outstanding image clarity, true color and accurate reproduction of the original specimen in crisp, well-defined detail. Flexible modularity and abundant accessories also ensure quick and easy system adaptation for specimen of any type and size.

  • Quality optics and flexible system expansion
  • Fluorescence unit with coaxial illumination allows clear, bright observation even with weakly emitting specimen
  • Multiple illumination sources ensure the right light for every task
  • Compliance with various needs, from digital imaging to observation of large-size specimens

Stereomicroscope SZ61/ SZ51

User comfort has always been an Olympus priority. Even so, the standards set by the new SZ61 and SZ51 are a revelation. The smoothly contoured finish, the newly designed "ComfortView" eyepiece, and the accessible, responsive controls make operation easier and less fatiguing than ever before.

The compact design owes much to the incorporation of the Greenough optical system, which delivers excellent flatness and ample depth of field as well as clarity, detail, accurate color and the least possible distortion. Dependable, high-performance optics are central to the achievement of consistent, accurate results in today's widening range of biological microscopy applications — as are ergonomic features which make even long-duration tasks easier and less demanding to perform.

  • High-performance optics in a compact, comfortable design
  • The right accessory for every application
  • Choose the illumination source that suits the task at hand


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