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Scientific Volume Imaging Huygens Software
PTC is granted the only Official Distributor of Scientific Volume Imaging software in Hong Kong and Macau.


The Huygens Software Suite from SVI consists of different image processing packages available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. Functionalities include deconvolution, interactive analysis, and volume visualization of 2D-3D multi-channel and time series images from fluorescence microscopes such as Widefield, confocal, multiphoton, spinning disk, STED and SPIM.

Huygens Suite 15.10: NEW!     

The latest Huygens release offers some great new improved features, such as SPIM/Light Sheet deconvolution and GPU accelerated deconvolution.


  • Huygens deconvolution increase image resolution, increase signal-to-noise ratio and remove background and noise. The results after Huygens deconvolution and restorations are reliable and will improve your image analysis results.  


  • The SFP Renderer is based on taking the 3D microscopy image as a distribution of fluorescent material, simulating what happens if the material is excited and how the subsequently emitted light travels to the observer. The unique properties of this algorithm enable it to create depth cue rich images from unprocessed data.


  • The Surface Renderer enables you to represent your microscopy data in a convenient way to clearly see separated volumes. Not only is it capable of iso-surface rendering but also of showing MIP projections together with the surfaces to be sued as a reference to the original microscopic voxel data.

  • the Nyquist Calculator is one of the useful tools for measure the ideal Sampling Density (or inversely, Voxel Size) for image acquisition. https://svi.nl/NyquistCalculator

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