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ibidi µ-Slides, reagents, and instruments
PTC partners with ibidi GmbH to market their unique ibidi µ-Slides and µ-Dish for live cell imaging, chemotaxis assays, angiogenesis assays, flow assays, screening, wound healing and invasion assays.

Overview on ibidi µ-Slide/Dish family

  • High optical quality thin bottom optimised for high resolution microscopy (standard glass coverslip thickness of 180um)
  • Special plastic material - low autofluorescence background
  • Tissue culture treated surface (ibiTreat) - allows optimal cell growth without further coating
  • Biocampatible, resistant to common solvent and fixative
  • Single sterile packaging

Suitable for various applications:

  • Cell microscopy

  • 35mm µ-Dish

    8-well µ-Slide


  • Angiogenesis assays

    -Tube formation & sprouting assay

  • µ-Slide Angiogenesis


  • Would healing and migration assays

  • Culture-Insert in 35mm µ-Dish

    Defined separated area


  • Flow assays

    - Bifurcation studies

    - Defined flow rate

  • µ-Slide y-shaped

    µ-Slide I Luer


  • Chemotaxis assays

    - Chemotaxis of adherent cells in linear gradients

    - Chemotaxis of non-adherent cells in gel matrix

  • µ-Slide Chemotaxis

    µ-Slide Chemotaxis 3D



    LifeAct - Novel Probe for Visualization of Actin in Living cells

    • Brilliant visualization of F-Actin
    • For living and fixed samples
    • No interference with cytoskeletal dynamics
    • Coupled to fluorescent marker TagGFP2 or TagRFP

    Original LifeAct Publications:

    Riedl J, Crevenna AH, Kessenbrock K, Yu JH, Neukirchen D, Bista M, Bradke F, Jenne DE, Holak TA, Werb Z, Sixth M & Wedlich-Söldner R. Lifeact - a versatile marker for the visualization of F-actin.Nautre Methods 5, 605-607 (2008)

    Riedl J, Flynn KC, Raducanu A, Gärtner F, Beck G, Bösl M, Bradke F, Massberg S, Aszodi A, Sixt M & Wedlich-Söldner R. Lifeact-mice for studying F-actin dynamics.Nature Methods 7, 168-169 (2010)

    Fuse-It Membrane Fusion Products


    • A wide range of reagents for the biocompatible transfer of various molecules into living cells.
    • Low toxicity, suitable for transfection of cell lines and even transfection for primary cells!
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    ibidi Instruments:

    ibidi provides the ideal Heating and Gas Incubation Systems and Pump Systems.

     Heating & Gas Incubation                     Pump system

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