Dispensers and Dispensing Tools

1 Ultimus ™ 2400 Dispenser

Ultra 2400 workstation is a precision dispensing system that applies accurate, consistent amounts of adhesives, lubricants, silicones, epoxies and other fluids used in benchtop assembly processes — from neat, controlled beads to uniform dots as small as 0.004 inches in diameter.

Feature Benefits
Simultaneous digital display of dispense time, air pressure, vacuum, shot count and mode Greater process control than standard analog gauges
High speed solenoid for highly accurate deposits Consistent fluid application for higher yields, reduced fluid costs and better process control
Unique air management system Rapid response and stabilizes cycle-to-cycle control
Unique internal pressure reservoir Reduces cycle time and improves deposit control
"Teach" function for initial setup Easy to use and shorter training time for new operators
Unique vertical design Conserves bench-top space

Ultra 1400 Series Fluid Dispensing Kit

Ultra 1400 is a versatile and easy-to-use system which dispenses accurate and consistent deposits. Helpful Teach function lets the operator establish deposit size, then stores time required for automatic, repeatable results.

Feature Benefits
Programmable from .001 to 99.9 seconds Precise control over the amount of fluids applied
Choose from three modes of operation: Timed, Steady or helpful Teach for initial deposit setup Easy to use and less operator training
Microprocessor control Consistent fluid application for higher yields
Compact, stackable design Conserves bench-top space
Compatible with all EFD Ultra components Components are available in a wide variety of styles, sizes and lengths for controlled, drip-free fluid application.

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