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OmniCure® High Power Fiber Light Guide

The new EXFO High-Power Fiber Light Guide supplies an equal distribution of light energy to multiple cure sites from a single light source. New technology provides over 50% more throughput power than industry-standard fiber guides for greater flexibility in your curing process. In addition, these light guides offer over 30% more power than standard multi-legged Liquid Light Guides and do not require balancing.

Feature Benefits
Equal output through multiple legs with no balancing Less operator intervention
Higher output power (25% to 50% more throughput) Gives more energy to the lamp, increasing lamp life
No degradation and longer life time than liquid light guides Never needs replacing
Transmits from 160nm to 1200nm Extended range light guides no longer required

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OmniCure® Liquid Light Guides

Available in 3, 5 and 8mm tip diameters, these Light Guides are an economical choice for light delivery. Standard lengths range from 750 to 3000mm. Dual and triple-leg configurations are available for multi-site curing. Extended range guides deliver additional energy in lower wavelengths for tack-free cures.


Feature Benefits
Economical light delivery to parts Low cost for small scale manufacturing
High Throughput Suitable for a variety of applications
2, 3, 5 & 8mm Spot Size Diameters Custom spot diameters to fit any assembly process

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